This project is a video advertisement made "with the means at hand" for the Tsingtao beer brand during the lockdown in Shanghai at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. 
The aim of this campaign is to communicate with Tsingtao's customers to show them that the brand understands the difficulty of the current situation in China, and that the spirit of Tsingtao remains the same.

The main idea is to promote conviviality at a time when gatherings are forbidden in China due to the Coronavirus. 
The advert therefore shows several people, one by one (or two), drinking a Tsingtao at home, knowing that they are not alone doing it at the same time. The sounds they make with the Tsingtao gradually create a dynamic music. 
With this advertisement, the brand Tsingtao shows its support to its customers during the Corona virus situation. As many individual sounds together can create a melody, each person drinking a Tsingtao beer can feel part of a community.

Céline Favre - Sophie Bourgeon
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