This application is a calorie tracker that helps you find the perfect meal to eat based on your specific nutritional needs.
1. Real-time daily calorie tracker and nutrition details.
2. Accessible button to easily add what you eat and drink throughout the day
3. News tab: learn more about nutrition,  and be aware of the last events of the app’s supportive community.
4. Scanner tab: quickly have access to the explained nutrition info of every product, and know if it fits your diet.
5. Meals tab: create the perfect menus to fit your diet and find recipe inspirations.
6. Profile tab: Edit your personal information and watch your evolution.

- Benevolent, supportive and positive tone. No fat shaming.
- All diets inclusive (allergies, keto, carbs, vegan, vegetarian…).
- Connected to health apps and connected watch to track exercise and calorie lost.
- Reminder notifications to drink water.
The visual identity of this application is cheerful while remaining simple and clean.
The colors used are soft and portray the idea of health with green, symbol of balance, and a touch of vibrant yellow, symbol of joy and positivity.
The chosen font complements these ideas by being simple but not boring, and lively but not "too much".
Modern and simple illustrations are also used to make the application more playful and attractive.

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