Buddies is a project realized in three days in the context of a design sprint. This project deals with organisation, motivation and procrastination.
After conducting a user research part, our design challenge was the following: How to give support to students/young workers to stimulate them and make their tasks funnier?

Buddies is an organisational application that brings fun in the realisation of daily tasks, motivation through a personalized virtual coach, and support through a real community of users.
The flagship concept of the application Buddies is the Rooms principle.
In the application Budddies, you can join and create Rooms, which are audio lives where you can talk with other users and be motivated together to complete specific tasks all at the same time. 
It's a new, playfull and original way to reach your objectives !

Céline Favre - Claire Anguenot - Clémence Lécuyer
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